Solo 乬NORIKO KATO Exhibition 2008乭 Aomori, JAPAN

Solo 乬NORIKO KATO Exhibition 2004 -Response and Motion-乭 Aomori, JAPAN
Group showing at KOBO gallery, Seattle, WA
Solo 乬Onna -a series of Women-乬 at Art/NOT Terminal gallery, Seattle, WA
Juried Art fair 乬Pigs On Parade乭, Seattle, WA
Solo 乬FuRuSaTo乭 at RAW gallery, Seattle, WA
Juried Art fair 乬Bellevue Art Museum Fair乭, Bellevue, WA
Solo 乬The Color of Noriko乭 at Hayato NY, New York

Artistic Director for the
乬Wings For Peace-Year 2000 Millennium Peace Project乭, Issaquah, WA
Graduated from South Seattle Community College
Graduated from Kodansha Famous Artist School in Commercial Art,
Illustration & Design
Graduated from Aomori Akenohoshi Junior College
Degree in Japanese Calligraphy
Won for designing an illustration logo for the city of Ajigasawa, Aomori JAPAN


How to become a professional negotiator in English /Author: Shintaro Tominaga
RAB Aomori TV, February 11, News Radar Evening News -document-
Mainichi Newspaper, January 11, "Konochi ni Ikiru (10) Ajigasawa's Character"

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Mutsu Shinpo Newspaper, June 20, 乬Noriko Kato Exhibition"


80 People's Success Story in Abroad -The Place Where You Can be Yourself-/Author:Maiko Uchida etc..
Mutsu Shinpo Newspaper, November 20, 乬Shiteki ni Suteki No.260 Noriko Kato乭
Mutsu Shinpo Newspaper, November 3, 乬New Product, Ajigasawa Bijin 乭
ToOh Nippo Newspaper, October 31, "Gallery, Noriko Kato Exhibition"

Mutsu Shinpo Newspaper, October 29, 乬Response and motion Noriko Kato Exhibition"
Mutsu Shinpo Newspaper, July 1, 乬Listen to our sound!"
ToOh Nippo Newspaper, June 26, 乬Makes the sound of Ajigasawa into CD乭

JINA online, September 29,"Interview vol.21"


VIVA Hirosaki, November 22, 乬My way, My Life乭
FM Apple Wave Radio, October 11, 乬Tsugaru Ijin Kan乭
Aomori TV, October 4, Afternoon & Evening News
ToOh Nippo Newspaper, October 5, 乬NORIKO Kato Sumi-e Exhibition乭
RAB Aomori Radio, October 1, 乬Aomori Today Hiromitsu Natsume LIVE Talk Show乭
NHK Aomori TV, October 1, 乬Events乭
RAB Aomori Radio, September 17, Good Morning Aomori LIVE Talk Show乭
Mutsu Shinpo Newspaper, September 27, 乬The First Exhibition in Hometown乭
ToOh Nippo Newspaper, September 26, 乬Kataru乭
Ajigasawa Koho, September, 乬Meet with this person乭

International Examiner, Volume 29, Number 8 April17-April30, under Visual Arts
Soy Source, Vol.11 No. 8 April 25, "Group Exhibition at KOBO"
Seattle Chinese Post "Selected Judge for Celebration of a Lunar New Year 2000 drawing contest"

Colors NW magazine "Art Spot" Hime Page 28, Seattle, WA
Pigs On Parade Book "Happy Pig" Page 23, Seattle, WA
Pigs On Parade Poster (70 Selected pigs including Happy Pig.) Seattle, WA
Daniel Smith Spring Catalog 2001 Page 61 "Forever Always" Seattle, WA

North American Post, November 7, "Happy Pig Auctioned off at $1525"
Seattle Weekly, October 11, Turf, 乬My Own Private Watercolors乭
Soy Source, Vol.10 No 20 October 25, "Happy Pig Auctioned off at $1525"
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Junglecity Network, Inc. June, "Bravo!"
North American Post, February 19, "Artist, Noriko Kato Having Exhibition in NY"
The Yomiuri America, February 11, "Seattle Artist, Noriko Kato Having Exhibition in NY"
The Yomiuri America, January 28, "Noriko Kato Exhibition"
The Asahi Shimbun Newspaper, January 22, "Noriko Kato, Art Exhibition"

Nihonkai Kyotenkan "Aruhi no chaya"
Society Auction "Oei-san in Sawara"

Participated "Peace Drawing" projected by KOBO Gallery
Auction Donated "Hanamusubi"


Born and lives in Aomori, JAPAN
Contemporary Japanese Sumi-color artist
Style:The combination of the imagery and typography with Sumi and Watercolors

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