The Beauty of God@2001
There was an event "Performing Art Day" which's one of the big event at Japanese Culture Festival called "Aki Matsuri Festival" at Bellevue Community College on Sep. 23, 2001.
In the event, I performed Sumi Painting collaborated with Chieko Kikuchi, who is a very good piano player. She played her piano, and I painted "The beauty of God."
This was done in 30 minutes believe it or not. (I still can not believe it.)
I got your pictures this week. I am so happy to have them on the wall! I love them all very much! thank you for framing two of them sooo beautifully. They look wonderful. -Jeff Schiller
" Noriko's artwork is truly wonderful. I have one in each room in my house and would like more, but ran out of room!!!" -Al Carson
"Unique and cute. Very fun to read, too. So lovable." -Masako Narita
"Everything looked fresh and exuberant. For such small paintings, they were packed with feeling, humor, and goodwill, and they lit up that modest space."-Don Perlis
I visited your website and loved the feeling of your artwork. The combination of the imagery and typography playing with each other emits a peaceful feeling. I can see why people would like to have your work hanging in their house. -Glenn Mitsui
Koi Hime
Ameno Uzumeno Mikoto
Kakashi Girl
Kannon sama
Akaimi no naru Oka
Ajisai Story

Aruhi no Chaya

Aomori Nebuta QOOQ
Aomori Nebuta Haneto
Ai o
Daimonji So White
Daimonji So Pink

The Beauty of God
Mother's Love

Happy Pig
Oei-san in the Rain
Hime -first love-
My Favorite Bowl

Mea Ozen
My Feeling

Tea Time
Iwai Sake

Purple Candle
Falling in Love
Thank You

Andon for Soul
Andon for Road
Andon for Tonight
Pink and Purple Andon

Andon for Soul 2004

Noriko's Art Selection@
Japanese-Style Illumination Lamp

Akai mi no naru Oka 2002

I LOVE Andon! That's why I make it.
I have one in my bedroom.(won't tell which one, though)
The light gives warm feelings, and relaxes me as well. It's like MUST-HAVE item to me :)

Falling in Love 1999
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