"NORIKO KATO Solo Exhibition 2004 -Response and Motion-" at Nihonkai Kyotenkan, Ajigasawa-JAPAN
October 2004

My second-time solo showing in my hometown was held at Nihonkai Kyotenkan (the same place) in October 28th to 31st. On the last day of the showing, I did LIVE Art-performing with Tsugaru Shamisen player, Rinshuei Kida III. (Tsugaru Shamisen is a three stringed lute, and it is the free expression of the heart played on the Shamisen:traditional Japanese music.) The picture below is what it came up.

To tell you the truth, I was not in good condition mentally and physically, but I was able to put it through with the supports of the wonderful sounds of Tsugaru Shamisen and people who were there. Thank you very much!! @
And also, I would like to thank all of you for coming up! and supported me through this exhibition. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

...and one more thing to tell. As a big surprise, the Japanese sake "Ajigasawa Bijin" was made by a local sake brewery "Ozaki". Koi Hime is on the label, and it looks very COOL! I love it. For a limited, you can ONLY buy at local liquor stores in Ajigasawa.
For more info, please call:0173-72-2029 Ozaki Sake Brewery.

Exhibition "The Color of Noriko" at Hayato New York-New York February 2000
There was a first-time solo exhibition at "Hayato New York" until April 2nd, 2000 in NYC. I was there at opening reception on February 8th and I was so pleasured to meet wonderful people there. Thank you for coming to my show! Also, I'd like to special thank to Mr. Washio and Ms. Yamamoto for all your hard work to accomplish this exhibition. Without you, I wouldn't have made it. Thank you.
Cherry Blossom Festival at Seattle Center-Seattle April 2000
I demonstrated Etegami at Cherry Blossom Festival on 4/22(Sat). I had a good time teaching Etegami. Thank you for coming and trying Etegami!!! I hope you enjoyed it too

Etegami at Peter Kirk Elementary School-Kirkland May 2000
Peter Kirk Elementary School celebrated the art of Japan on May 19th, 2000. I participated in teaching Etegami to 3&4th graders and it was fun! I was able to see their creativity on their Etegami and I hope they enjoyed it. Thank you very much, Michele Parsons for giving me this opportunity to teach Etegami at your school, and Teachers/volunteers for supporting me in classes.

Bellevue Art Museum Fair-Bellevue July 2000
I was able to get in the one of the nation's biggest art fair this year. The festival was held on July 28, 29, 30th, 2000. I was so happy to be there. Thank you for all of you who visited my booth and enjoyed my artwork. I hope to see you next year again!
Exhibition "FuRuSaTo"at RAW Gallery-Seattle January 2001
There was a solo exhibition at NW Asian American Theater's Raw Gallery in January 5th ~26th, 2001 in Seattle China town. Thank you all for coming!
Exhibition "A Series Of Women" at Art/Not Terminal Gallery-Seattle May 2001
There was a solo exhibition at Art/Not Terminal Gallery in May 5th ~June 7th, 2001 in Downtown Seattle. In this exhibition, I painted women from Edo Periods (about 200 years ago in Japan). I used to paint flowers and fruits and never painted human in Sumi so this exhibition was special for me. Thank you all for coming! I hope you enjoyed them.
HAPPY PIG ~Pigs On Parade~ Seattle May - September 2001
I participated in one of the big events for this summer in Seattle called "Pigs on Parade" presented by Pike Place Market Foundation.
It's all about PIG PIG PIG! There were about 170 pigs in downtown Seattle and I did make one called "Happy Pig". This lovely pig was located at Plaza 600 building on 6th Ave. right across from Westin Hotel also Nikko Japanese Restaurant in Downtown Seattle. Thank you for all who visiting and enjoying my pig!
Happy pig was auctioned off on October 14th, the price was $1525. It all went to Pike Place Market Foundation to support our community, low income residence, seniors, and day care etc...
Happy pig is now living in Amboy, WA. Thank you for adopting my pig!
Performing Sumi Painting with Piano by Chieko Kikuchi at Aki Matsuri Japan Festival-Seattle September 2001
There was an event "Performing Art Day" which's one of the big event at Japanese Culture Festival called Aki Matsuri Festival at Bellevue Community College on September 23rd, 2001. In the event, I performed Sumi Painting collaborated with Chieko Kikuchi, who is a very good piano player. She played her piano, and I painted "The beauty of God." This was done in 30 minutes believe it or not. This was my first time painting on the huge surface. I had a good time. Thank Tom & Katsuko Brooke for letting me be a part of Aki Matsuri Festival, and Chi-e Chan for your beautiful piano!!!
Holiday Celebration Dinner and Auction at the Westin Hotel Grand Ballroom- Seattle December 6, 2001
One of my favorite artwork "Oei-san in Sawara" which donated to The Japan-America Society was auctioned off LIVE at Westin Hotel. Thank you Brake for adopting the painting ;)
Peace Drawing " World is grown by LOVE" is now hanging on the fence in front of KOBO Gallery on Capital Hill- Seattle December 2001
Painting to celebrate Princess Masako-sama's new born baby, Aiko Toshinomiya December 2001
I made the painting to celebrate Princess Masako-sama's baby girl, Aiko Toshinomiya and the painting was sent to the family of Tennouheika along with congratulatory signatures though Tubaki Shrine in the United Sates.
Group Exhibition at KOBO Gallery-Seattle April 13th - May 4th, 2002
Please experiment the beauty of Japanese at this exhibition ! we have beautiful wood-fired Japanese style ceramics artist George Gledhill, Sumi artists Yoko Murao and Chiyo Sanada, and Contemporary Sumi-e artist Noriko Kato (ME!!!)You'll LOVE this place!!! It is so soothing place, and I'm really pleased to be a part of it.

KOBO Gallery 814 East Roy Street Seattle, WA 98102 (206)726-0704
Logo Design for Hiroshis Restaurant & Catering Service
April 2002

Hiroshi is Back! Hiroshis Restaurant is located on 2501 Eastlake Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98102. They have really good Japanese foods and Sushi! Owner Hiroshi is very friendly and nice, please visit and enjoy Japanese foods. www.hiroshis.com
EXHIBITION "NORIKO IS BACK" held at my hometown-JAPAN September-October, 2002
There was a solo exhibition in Aomori (my hometown), Japan from September 28th to October 6th, 2002. My first-time showing in Japan was a great success! I had a good time meeting my old friends, teachers from kindergarten and elementary school, my neighbors, etc... Thank you very much for coming! It was very special to me having exhibit in my hometown and I appreciate all of you who supported me to make this happen. Hope you can see the growth through my artwork.
Interior Designed at Waraku Japanese Restaurant in Aomori- JAPAN December, 2002
I decorated the eating space in the Japanese Restaurant with my art. What I did was to turn the atmosphere into a relaxing space without changing the furnished features like tables and seats. This work made me want to do a spacing design.(I know it is going to be lots of skill, work and challenge for me, though).
Interior Designed at Cake Shop Tatsuya in Ajigasawa-JAPAN March, 2003
I decorated the interior of the cake shop called Tatsuya located in my hometown, Ajigasawa. I was pleased to do this work because they make good sweets.
Windmill Illustration Design for GE Aomori,Aomori-JAPAN June, 2003
I designed an illustration for a windmill located in Ajigasawa. I hope it bright up the city of Ajigasawa.
"Oto in Ajigasawa" CD cover design-JAPAN Ju‚Œ‚™ 2004
I designed on the cover of CD "Oto in Ajigasawa". This CD is made by a local people's group called Maru Maru Kai. It includes folktales, folk songs, and sounds of nature in Ajigasawa. If you're Ajigasawa FAN, the CD is a MUST-HAVE! For more info, please contact at Nihonkai kyotenkan.or Maru Maru Kai.
Kemame beans "Kazemaru" label design for GE Aomori-JAPAN Ju‚Œ‚™ 2004
I label-designed for "Kazemaru". Kazemaru is a name of Kemame (Edamame-beans that have haired pod), and that is one of the crops in Ajigasawa that GE Aomori (Non-profit organization) is working on as a project to revitalize local economies. Kazemaru has thick and rich taste and it is very good.
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